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ROMA 6/7/8
dicembre 2013


Will take place in Rome during the weekend of the 8th of December the second of the nonConference  of Coworking and work.



Format tested last year in Alessandria by lab121, Espresso Coworking will resume and expand the issues previously faced with the cooperation of SPQwoRk, Combo Project and others Italian coworkings. 


The choice of the capital as host city, not only ease logistically the participation, but is motivated by the will of focusing in the growing phenomenon of coworking and working methods connected.


Coworking is spoken so widely for over 10 years, and from the surveys of Deskmag the number of spaces appears to be in geometric expansion. Despite its unique characteristics, it happens the same also on the national territory and initiatives related to coworking are already several. 


Tag, cowo, Toolbox, lab121, the Hub, Piano C, SPQwork, Multiverso just to mention a few examples that  are experimenting with different models to each other, looking for the mutual exchange of experience and dedicated to creating opportunities for discussion. 


Espresso coworking is an excellent opportunity to take stock of the situation and to share intent and routes mainly marked Italy.


We believe that the experience gained during these years is the best basis on which build pathways on common issues, and that the discussion and debate are the best ways to do this.

There is no well-established literature reference for the coworking and then the picture that is emerging is sometimes little 'simplified phenomenon, which is often attributed only to the advantage resulting from the sharing of space, only tip of the iceberg of the possibility that the coworking provides for a new working economy.


The appointment in December will focus on current issues for the coworking community and the freelancers: best practices, social impact on local communities, relationship with the Public Administrations.


The public administration and the intermediate structures such as trade associations, universities, consortia are in fact beginning to move with projects promoted under the banner of coworking. In parallel, during the first half of this year have begun to start to take some pilot experiences of invitations designed just to give birth to new initiatives on the territories or to support existing ones.


We refer to the voucher system promoted by the Municipality of Milan, the table for the coworking of the Region of Tuscany, the invitation of the municipalities of Vegli and Foligno, the invitation of the Province of Lucca, the heralded project Millepiani.


The reasons for this interest are expected to be diverse, from the ability of coworking concentrate of rare and specialized skills to get up to the fact that coworking can become vehicles of policies addressed at work and development. 

 On the other hand this ability is at the same time an opportunity and a risk, because as we all know coworking does not mean simply work in the same place and share space. We all have experienced in recent years that the balance of our community is much more complex and delicate.


To begin to build a set of rational strategies designed to identify and meet this balance, we believe that there can be no better basis than that made by the experiences in community coworking  projects of the national network.


By acting in this way we intend to do our part to ensure that projects currently in planning stage since their conception can develop effective responses to issues that we called, and they can do so with a clear reference, reliable and usable.


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